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Best kept secrets of San Francisco
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Let's compile the best kept secrets of San Francisco here so the locals can enjoy all the hidden gems that the city has to offer.


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-The panoramic almost 360-degree view of San Francisco is by far the best in the city

-View stretches from GG bridge to Castro, downtown SF, and all the way to Oakland

-Very few people at the top, as it's only accessible by foot via a hidden path

-It's an amazing place to watch the sunrise, especially when there's fog in the distance

-Tank Hill offers better views than Twin Peaks and is much less crowded, albeit just as windy

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Wilson and Wilson

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-It's the only speakeasy within a speakeasy that I've ever heard of

-The bar is located behind secret doors inside the legendary Bourbon & Branch speakeasy

-The three-drink tasting menu for $30 gives you the best overview of their creative cocktails

-Personalized attentive service from friendly, knowledgable, skillful bartenders

-Cocktails feature unique tinctures and infusions such as black-tea infused vodka, vanilla angostura tincture, 5 spice syrup, and even a Puerh tea tincture

-The bar is a fake 'Private Detective Agency' theme which is printed on the door and their business cards

-With only room for 20 people or so, it's small and intimate, perfect for having a conversation with a date, even on a Friday night

-To get in, you knock on an unmarked door and tell someone the secret password (it's emailed once you make a reservation online)

-Impeccable decor, classy, sexy, and exclusive

-Their basement is the site of an actual former Prohibition-era speakeasy, which will become a private event room


Kappa Sushi

1 vote

-One of the most authentic Japanese dining experiences in SF

-The restaurant is hidden behind a secret unmarked wooden door, speakeasy style

-The husband-and-wife owners are the entire staff; the wife greets you dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono and her husband is the chef

-Very intimate atmosphere, with only 10 or 12 seats in the entire restaurant

-Service is flawless--you are waited on by the owners themselves

-Omakase is gorgeously presented with meticulous detail, from the size of the spoon to the condiments

-One of the few places you can experience truly great Japanese food beyond just sashimi

-24-hour advance reservations are required because everything is freshly bought and prepared the same day, including the tofu

-Everything is very personal, as if you are dining in their home

-As good if not better than many high end restaurants in Japan


Kabuki Springs & Spa

1 vote

-The only spa in San Francisco that offers communal bathing facilities

-Facility is gorgeous, luxurious, and in line with any upscale spa

-Communal bathing includes complimentary hot tea, cucumber lemon ice water, scrubbing salts, and chilled face towels

-Communal bathing features a sauna, steam room, seated shower area, hot pool, and cold pool with plenty of seating to lounge around

-Men and women bathe separately but can also bathe together on Tuesdays in a swimsuit

-Spa offers unique eastern spa treatments such as Craniosacral massage, acupuncture, and a private green tea bath in a wooden Japanese tub.

-The best place to escape from the world, relieve stress, and pamper yourself for only $18


Sky Terrace

1 vote

-Huge secluded public rooftop terrace on top of the Westfield Mall dome

-Only accessible via an elevator in 835 Market St, which the guard will kindly escort you to the top

-Enjoy views of San Francisco (Potrero Hill, Sutro Tower, City Hall) in almost complete privacy

-Plenty of tables and chairs to enjoy a snack, lunch or picnic


Diego Rivera's 3 famous murals

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Not many locals know this, but San Francisco is home to three of Diego Rivera's most famous murals, all of which are viewable by the public for free. See one or see them all, you won't be disappointed!

-'Allegory of California' was Diego Rivera's very first commissioned mural outside of Mexico. It stands 30-feet tall and is located on the 10th floor of the City Club.

-'The Making of a Fresco Showing the Building of A City' is located at the San Francisco Art Institute at 800 Chestnut Street

-'Pan American Unity', perhaps the most impressive of the three, is located at City College on Ocean Ave. It depicts the unity of the North and the South and is incredibly detailed. See if you can spot Frida Kahlo!


Movie night at Caffe BaoNecci

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-Every second Thursday of the month the pizzeria becomes a mini-theater for showing Italian movies

-While the film is playing, dinner is served family-style, starting with antipasti and then followed by delicious thin crust pizza or pasta

-The owners, the Gambaccinis, are immigrants from Lucca, Italy

-The small intimate cafe holds only 30 seats and is a unique way to experience Italian cinema

-The dinner (a cocktail, appetizer, main course, and coffee) and movie costs only $30


Secret Improv Society

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-Shows are held at the Shelton Theater, a small 2-theater non-profit venue

-The intimate theater size makes the show more engaging and interactive, as if you're on stage with the actors

-Improv actors are highly experienced and encourage audience participation in their skits

-The improv of the keyboard player is equally impressive

-Did I mention cheap beer and free cookies?


SoleMan Sportfishing

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-The only sport fishing charter in San Francisco that specializes in shark fishing

-Captain Don really knows the waters and will try multiple locations until you catch a shark

-Boat is supposed to be shared, but both times I went, we were the only group aboard

-Sharks are tasty to eat when fresh and they will fillet your sharks free of charge

-You can catch all kinds of sharks, including six gill, thresher, leopards, giant seven gill, and soup fin sharks

-If sharks aren't your thing, he also specializes in salmon, halibut, rockfish, and sturgeon fishing trips

-Cabin is heated and free hot coffee is provided

-Don's shark fishing trips are kid-friendly


Glen Canyon Park

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-Lots of expansive rock formations and cliffs make it stand out from other parks, and attract lots of rock climbers

-It's like going to your own private nature reserve without ever leaving the city

-Isolated hiking trails are perfect for taking in nature, especially if you have a dog

-There are cool rock caves and tunnels in the park

-Enjoy the sounds of water trickling from Islais creek

-Excellent views

-There is a gorgeous grove of eucalyptus trees

-The park is quiet and used only by locals

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