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These battle is for those of you lucky enough to dive all over the globe. I am starting it in hope to capture that knowledge and pass some knowledge on those that are thinking where to go. Good spots are usually full of sea life, beautiful beyond words and are experiences that we remember for a lifetime.


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- white tip reef sharks, schooling hammerhead sharks, dolphins, mantas and marbled rays, giant moray eels, sailfish, and of course the occasional whale shark, large schools of jacks and tuna, silky sharks, silver tip sharks, marlin, Creole fish, green turtles, octopus...

- Total 600 species of marine mollusks, 300 species of fish (27 endemic fish species) and 32 species of coral Coco’s Island is a divers paradise

- Isolated island visited only by divers and members of the Costa Rican and Colombian coast guard

- Beneath the waterfalls are freshwater fish that mystify scientists by their very existence.

- Because of its remote location and abundance of fresh water, Cocos has, throughout history, been a favorite re-supply station for pirates, whalers and sailors.

- 14 dive sites around island

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SS Yongala Wreck @Great Barrier Reef, Australia

8 votes

- Huge Groupers, Eagles and Manta Rays, sea turtles, sea snakes, schools of Barracudas, Giant Trevallies, Bull Shark and Tiger Shark, humpback Whales (June to November) and gentle Giant Whale Shak (October to January).

- Yongala been in water for 100 years but you can still see the masts, toilets and some other interior (it is protected now so no entering)

- Hard and soft coral as well as gorgonians sea fans dancing in the current.

Just bring camera....


North Horn @Great Barrier Reef, Australia

8 votes

- Ultimate Diving with Sharks spot: Grey Sharks, Silvertip, Great Hammerhead Sharks and the Tiger Shark.

- Shark feeding in the coral rubble amphitheater done by most live-on-boards diving boats

- Eagle rays and manta rays, huge groupers and other see life...


USS Liberty Wreck@Tulamben, Bali

7 votes

- Black Tip Shark, Garden Eel, Surgeonfish

- 130 m long sunken ship wrecks (liberty ship was hit by a Japanese torpedo)

- Great night dive


Navy Pier @Exmouth, Ningaloo Reef, Australia

6 votes

Sharks: Wobbegong Shark, Grey Nurse, Whitetip Reef Shark

Macro creatures: Nudibranch, Flat Worms, Frog Fishes, Scorpions Fishes and Stone fishes.

- one of the world best shore dives with shallow dive (maximum depth of 15 meters)

- Usually with no current, ideal for all levels of diver

- Easily accessible

- Amazing Night diving


Barracuda Point @Sipadan, Malaysia

5 votes

- Swirling vortex of blacktail barracudas, bumphead parrotfish, bannerfish, redtooth triggerfish, turtles and sharks. Often hammerhead sharks show up.

- Coral gardens

- Great visibility all year long


Richelieu Rock @Surin Islands, Thailand

5 votes

Whale Shark (Feb to May), Barracudas, Giant trevallies, Dogtooth Tunas, Manta Ray, Porcelain crabs, Tiger Tail Sea Horses, Pipefishes, Harlequin Shrimp and Nudibranch

Liveaboard available (it is open water - often full of planktons, which attracts Whales and Rays)

Best Thailand diving spot


Deception Island @Shetland Islands, Antarctica

0 votes

- over 100,000 breeding pairs of Chinstraps penguins, largest Chinstrap colony in the world

- Gentoo penguins, giant petrels, Wilson petrels, skuas, Blue-eyed shags and Antarctic fur seals, southern elephants seals


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